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The blink 182 guitars that were once on my site have been requested a lot lately, so i decided i would put them back up on the site. You can get the zip by clicking on this link:

In the past few months, I have been very busy. School, and other things have taken up all my time and I've had no time to manage a website. You may have noticed that i have remover the request option from the links above, for I am now officially retiring from object making (I've said it before, I know). I have given you four new objects to use before my leaving, and I hope that you can find some really cool objects somewhere. I am still keeping the website running, and I may post up some new objects every now and then, but they wont be made by me. I'd like to thank anyone who downloaded, requested or used any of my objects, you guys and your multiple requests every day kept this site running, I hope you all got the requests you wanted, and I'm sorry to anyone I didn't finish an object for, may it be for whatever reason. If you'd like to e-mail me about music, guitars or whatever, feel free. For some really cool objects visit Rock and Roll Sims, Fairywitch and Ikbod, House of the Rising Sim or Kiss Me Alive (see below). They all have kick ass objects. Thanks again, it was fun. Matt (obobo)

Jazzmaster, Les Paul Bass, Rickenbacker Bass, Posters and Special Animation Bass added

Custom drums updated and Squier bass added.

New drums in Custom Shop and a requested poster set.

New Bass in Custom Shop

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